3D Still project #1: Characters & Environment by TEM


Royal Midnight

Royal Midnight is one of my own characters. I created Royal Midnight when I was studying 2D Animation II class.

  Know about Royal Midnight a bit

Royal Midnight is a spirit that lives in a giant mushroom. She always strolls around the forest. Most of the time, her friends at kindergarten misunderstand her that she is emotionless, but she isn’t. She loves teasing her friend, A-Ching. Royal Midnight sometimes walks, but floating more often. When the petals on her body part are bouffant, then she can float. She is clever, but she doesn’t attend classroom so often, always finds her at the flower plots near the class. She’s always happy and excited when the flowers are blooming, whether she plants them by herself or not. She needs water, but doesn’t like rain, it doesn’t only make her soaking, but the petals on the body become heavier.


Mei Ching (A-Ching)

A-ching is not the character I created, she belong to my friend, Gib. A-Ching was created during 2D Animation II Class, as same as Royal Midnight.

 Know about A-Ching a bit

A-Ching is annoying and likes teasing others in kindergarten. She does that because she wants attention from others, and she gets it well from Royal Midnight, who likes to tease her back. She always wants to be the leader but her idea usually sound wouldn’t work. She always said “Woo Hoo” while she is teasing others. Her hip is big, so when she acts, her hip would move extremely from side to side. Her arms and legs can extend since she doesn’t have bone and joints.



Since both of the characters are fantasy characters, so I want to create the world to be a bit fantasy. The time would be at night, the main light comes from the fireflies. In my opinion, the light from fireflies can create a feeling of magic, put the characters in the fantasy world more than the light from the moon.





One thought on “3D Still project #1: Characters & Environment by TEM

  1. Ok It is week six so you need to be producing further images from what you have already got. Sketches, rough plans… as the characters existed already you should have started to model already. Keep posting the stages of the development. technically there has been 48 hours (6 weeks work) and there is a further 6 weeks to go…

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