teen’s progress #2 – 1st maquette + more materials

This is the original character that I used as a reference to produce my first  maquette.

” Bullseye” from Toy Story


and this is what I did using air-dried modeling clay

Start from the head


Add body and legs

What it looks like when it is finished




As a result of doing my first maquette, I found that I really like doing this kind of stuff. Although my first maquette didn’t come out that beautiful or neat, I feel very comfortable and relax when producing them especially when doing small details.

“My next Attempt”


When I first experimented the clay, I randomly form a shape and it came out as the picture above and I found that it looks like the stone on Easter Island so I researched the real image of the stones and I think it is interesting if I do the maquette according to these stoness. Therefore, the next thing I am going to do in this course is to produce maquette of the stones on Easter Island.


Moreover, another thing that I want to do is to take my character from 2D class and make it a maquette.

This is the character that I am going to produce a maquette.

model thief

thief emotion

I think I will do the maquette according to these poses because I think it is more interesting than making a straight pose. However, I am still thinking which pose I am going to do (maybe all of them).


MORE materials


These are the materials that I ordered from the internet. I didn’t try them yet but below is the information of each material.

1. Super Sculpey Firm

– Extra-firm gray sculpting compound

– Firm texture is perfect for sculpting fine details

– Gray color makes clay easy to photograph

– Shatter and chip resistant

How to use:

1. Knead clay until soft and smooth.

2. Shape clay.

3. Bake on oven-proof glass or metal surface at 130 ํC for 15 minutes per 6mm of thickness.

Price : 650 B. (1 lb)

2. Chavant NSP – Hard

– Sulphur-free

– smooth and easy to form shape

– Perfect for sculpture and figures.

Normally there are 3 levels of hardness – Hard, medium, soft but hard is the most suitable type for beginners.

Price : 400 B. (2 lbs)

3. Chavant Castilene – Hard

– Models like clay

– Works like wax

– Sulphur-free

How to use

1. Soften with heat sources such as heat lamps, hot boxes, microwave oven (Do not use the direct flame).

2. Shape, carve

3. Make it cooler to form the shape.

Price : 800 B. (2.5 lbs)

4. Sculpey Clay Softener

– Clay softener

How to use

1. Add a few drops to clay

2. Knead throughly until clay is desired softness

Price : 280 B. (30 ml)

5. Sculpey Glaze

– Gloss glaze

How to use

1. Apply glaze to baked clay with brush.

2. Let dry 30 minutes between coats, fully dry after 24 hours.

Price : 280 (29.5 ml)

6. 12 pieces Stainless Steel Wax Carver

Price : 1,000 B.

*All items from http://www.3dcrafter.com/


One thought on “teen’s progress #2 – 1st maquette + more materials

  1. Great work and good developments into 3D – with the Elvio charcters you have some issues to address with the long thin limbs and balance in very dynamic poses – look up the tim burton models for help and ideas. I have a behind the scenes dvd from Nightmare before Christmas if you need. I think as you get a feel for this project (and as it is week six) you should set yourself a final plan – eg I will make 3 different poses of Elvio, 2 full body and one head + shoulders/ or I will develop one pose and 10 facial expressions of *woody or using the easter Island heads as a starting design I will create 2-3 full figure models) Up to you but set an actual outcome challenge.

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