3D project #1 : Idea and character

I decide to change my plan a little bit, at first I want to design my own character and environment (or already created characters from other classes) but after a few drawing I realize that I can’t get the lighting right due to my poor painting skill. Instead of creating everything from the start, I’ll create a 3D version from 2D image, so I have a clear goal how I going to model character and setting the light which are skill that I want to focus and develop as I said on my proposal.

(A) It’s called love from Channel-square.com

Let’s play tea party-Aurélie Neyret

I did some research for 2D illustration, I trying to find a simple image that have a few elements and obviously light and shadow. I decide to use ‘It’s called love’ as my model because characters are quite simple even though there’re many prop in the background. Another choice is ‘Let’s play tea party’ image, it may look easier than first one but the problem is the fur, I’m not quite confident with modelling the fur, so I keep it as my second choice. I will try to stick with the original design, not making any changes as much as possible.


One thought on “3D project #1 : Idea and character

  1. You should have posted the reject pictures! You need to post all experiments on the ‘journey’ this project is taking. It is week 6 and you have had technically 48 hours and you have the same left, so you need to keep posting the process and production, even if it gets rejected. I want to see more from you!

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