Final 3D character

I’ve decided to do a futuristic human (from my perspective)
I want to create a character which’s different from other animated films that I’ve seen. So, I decided to create a character that could bring something unique from my identity
like i’ve said last time on the blog. The character that i’m going to do would represent my style.

here’s rough sketches that I tried to create.

IMG_1060 IMG_1058 charac

I’ve been trying to figue it out the location im going to put my character in.
Finally, I came up with the bathroom since it’s the most comfortable place and
my idea is about how nowadays people are provided with conveniences and they’re still needing something that would make
their lives easier as possible. They’re attached to those technologies and all so whenever and wherever they go, they still need these things.




I already have a rough idea and background behind this character but i still want to find more research and information and then i’ll find a conclusion for the brief story and background again.





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