Gib’s progress#3: Second piece of J’s project – underwater world

I have discussed several times with J after posting layout of this work on my last post.

I thought the scene that he wants would be a deep ocean and quite mysterious. However, when J saw my first approach, he said that he wanted the Neritic zone which has a lot of coral.

J has some ideas about creatures that are in this world, such as coral made of ruler, coral made of pencil, book fish, book submarine, pen shark, tape house, envelope fish, chalk seal, clip fish, color pencil squid, and others.

In my opinion, some works but some is not so that I try to create  those creature what he want first. Then I try to add some more by my own imagination, but every time thatI put something in the scene coming from my own idea, I make sure that he is okay with them.


These are my progress that I have sent to J to see what I have done.


This is the one after I discussed to J at the second time (first time is when he assigns work to me). At the first time, J prefer the wave of the water above, but I tell that if he does that, he needs to animate on paper as it cannot be done in AE and that means there is more work to do. Therefore, I suggest him that there is only the light that see through from above and he can animate a little bit easily in AE, and he agrees.

In this one, I draw some rough detail such as bubbles and light to show an overall look to J.

After this piece, I begins to add more detail.


In this one, I try making the background that has pen rubber quite dark, and I think it doesn’t fit “Neritic zone”


So I change the color back to be more bright and I think it looks more fit.

and this is the most recent work that I have done. I have planned to finish this work next week. I will try my best. 🙂




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