3D still Project #2 – Sketch BG composition & Lighting by TEM

The process continues to the sketching background, setting the light and composition. I also need to set the poses of the characters before I model it. Because I didn’t plan for my model to move or do the rigging.

I did many sketches, but most of them didn’t end up with what I want. There are two ver. of my final sketchs.

#1 “Walk along the night”

3D still sketch01

For this sketch, I want show the environment at night time while the two character, Royal Midnight and A-Ching, are walking on the way to go home. It likes an everyday walk that they usually do. However, there is a little different from other days. That night, a group of fireflies also fly together with them. For Royal Midnight, she does not show her facial expression much, because she is always calm, but for A-Ching, she loves that sparking light at night very much.

#2 “Here you are!”


From this sketch, the concept is a little bit different from the first one. In stead of showing their everyday night, I end up with their special night. I want to show that, during one night, Royal Midnight and A-Ching want to explore the forest at the area where they have never visited before. And then, they meet their new friends who also lives in the forest, fireflies.

At the end, I think I will choose to develop “Here you are”, the special & explore night concept. Because I feel like the composition make the characters pop up from the background. The light is enough to lighting up the characters. And the characters’ pose fit in the frame.


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