Character background + design + pose

I finally come up with the final background story of the character
this character’s “hulien” which comes from the combination of human + alien
Hulien is a model of a human in futuristic world. He’s 20 years old.
His personality is typically like other huliens which is lazy and love convenience and technologies.
The idea behind this character is that I want to create the facts of humanity these days that love
to be comfortable and provided with conveniences as much as they could.
Human’s been trying to create many convenient things in the world in order to make their lives easier.
However, those innovation and technologies would have a huge impact on them in the future.
They might change the way people live, eat, work. Besides that they might also change the way we look
including our appearances. what im trying to say is that it’s like an evolution of a human kind since
nowadays there’s a lot of thing that we don’t need to put much afford to do because we have these technologies
helping us. So, for my futuristic human character, human doesn’t have a brain.
They’re pale because they dont have to go out since they have these convenient things in their hands.
Some fingers are disappeared since they don’t need to use them much.
Also, the reference that i use for the hand comes from T-rexs hands. As you know that,
T rex’s hands cannot do anything So i put that identity for my character in order to emphasize
on my character which is a lazy human.

I want to play with the idea of an alien because lots of people see aliens as the weird creatures in another planet.
But what i’m trying to take this idea and change the perspective and represent to my character is that
those aliens might use to be once human but when they consume all those technologies they suddenly
become to another person in another world. So, those alien might be a reflection of ourselves in futuristic world.
Therefore, my character would kind of alien-like

Here’s my character

the head’s made out of metal/steel
the skin color’s kinda pale and a little bit of pink/red
The eyes are big and white
He doesm’t have any facial expression
His body is quite inpropotion.
He has long arms and Trex-like hands.
He has these stuff attached at the back of his body (those tools that make his life convenient)

Since the Hulien’s going to be still image and stays in the bathtub doing a relaxing pose, so, i’m going to just
create only upper half of the body of the Hulien.







the location that i wanna put him in is the bathroom since it’s the most comfortable place to relax
I wanna show how he gets attached to those technologies everywhere and every time.

to make it more unnatural I intentionally make the water pink.
The bathtub and the floor are simple shape


there’re some other props that would be added in this scene such as cellphone, a cup, Tv.
(All the stuff that aren’t supposed to be together)


rough sketch/look for the 3D model



2 thoughts on “Character background + design + pose

  1. Dear Nes
    I think you could develop more interesting/sophisticated /logical attachments for the technology. Look into how fixtures and fittings (plumbing/construction/electronics) work and how these could be incorporated into the design better.

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