teen’s progress #3 – Elvio + final plan

Instead of doing all poses of Elvio, I decided to do only one pose of Elvio, but I will produce maquette of my other characters from 2D class. Therefore, my final plan for this course is to produce three maquettes.

1. Elvio – Cunning pose, full body


2. This one doesn’t has a name but he is my character from the walking exercise in 2D class. I will make a maquette of him in a shooting pose as the picture on the right side.

 tuxedo3. Another maquette that I am going to produce in this course is this man from head turn exercise in 2D class. For this one I will make a maquette only for his head, but I will put details on his face such as wrinkles.


“Progress of Elvio”

For the maquette of Elvio (Cunning pose) I already finished his head and body but now I get into a problem. His head is too heavy and I still figure out how to put his head on his body because the head always falls down. I tried putting a stick inside but it still didn’t work. So I will continue doing the other parts (arms, legs) and at the same time try to find a way to put it together.



Another problem of doing this maquette is the clay that I’m using. It is a different one that I used for my first maquette, the one I’m using now is Super Sculpey. Good thing about this clay is that it allows me to do small details because the clay is soft  and I can keep changing or doing the details because it will not dry until putting it in the oven. However, because the clay is so soft so it cannot stand on its own which is the problem why I cannot put the head on the body. Moreover, this kind of clay need to use the oven to make it dry and become strong, but I cannot find the oven that use for the sculpture, and if I still cannot find the oven when it is finished, I will have to leave it like this and put it in a box to make it safe. However, I will keep finding the oven.

Hi Teen

I’ve had to add into this blog as I have a couple of photos I wanted to add to help you with your modeling.  You should avoid starting with the head, as it is the heaviest part. YOu will need to make a wire,with possibly balsa wood frame then make the detail around it with the clay. You could possibly work with a self drying clay to make the basic shape, then add the detail with the clay that needs to be oven baked. that way the basic shape will be solid and dry and easier to balance.

model makingmodel making 001

As to an oven to bake, what are the requirements… what temperature is needed, is it a domestic oven or a special one?


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