Gib’s progress#4: Second piece of J’s project – underwater world and matte painting for Art’s project

The scene of underwater world has already been finished.







This is the final look. I have asked J how he thinks about names of him on erasers in the foreground and he is okay with that.

For the last scene of J project, I am still waiting for the information details from him. While I am waiting for J, I begin working on Art’s project.

He gives me pictures of his characters, scenes, and pictures of foreground that would be in front of my painting. He also gives me a picture ;example of painting style and that is very helpful. It guides me to control my line.

What I have to paint is the dessert that has some mosses and grasses. He would use my painting as image plane placed behind his scene in Autodesk Maya. I search the pictures of dessert to find the composition and to look for the shape of elements in there such as rocks,and plants.

this is the link for downloading reference that I found:

this is the link for downloading reference that Art gives it to me:

I have drafted and made some details to show Art.

draft detail


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