teen’s progress #4

Progress – Elvio

As I told you last time that the clay that I use for Elvio is too soft and it cannot stand on its own. I still wanted to try to make it stable by putting more sticks inside, but it still did not work. As Aj. Millie suggested me to use a wood and wire, I came up with the idea to use another kind of clay that I have instead which is “Chavant Castilene”. This clay is very very hard so it can be used as an armature and it works like wire, then cover it with the soft clay and I can do the details on it. Therefore, I do not have any update on Elvio yet because I have to do his body again to make it stronger and be able to hold his head.

Progress – Tuxedo guy

I started working on the tuxedo guy and I use the same process that I will use with Elvio which is making a structure with the hard clay and cover it with the soft clay.

The Chavant Castilene is very hard so I needed to use a hair dryer to make it soft, but when it gets cooler, it will remain the shape and strong (This clay do not need an oven to make it strong) which is perfect for making the structure.

1. Get the basic shape of the tuxedo guy


DSC_3990 DSC_40062. Covered the structure with the soft clay.




3. Added details


Progress – Grandpa

I also started working on Grandpa, as same as the tuxedo guy I used the hard clay to get the basic proportion.

1. For Grandpa, I use a chopsticks as an armature.


2. Get the basic proportion.







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