Tong’s progress #2

Concept art for game : Tattoo

this game will be action – adventure.

the story plot :

In the near future, humanity discovers the fluid that gives people power. Some people drink it and they get the power. However, the power is not permanent. They have tried many ways to longer the power, and no one figures it out. Until, some weirdo, named “Jinx”, uses the fluid as ” Tattoo”, and his power finally last longer than ever. He keeps it a secret, but unfortunately A government finds out and arrests him before he tells anyone. He is put in a private jail that he will never see the light of the sun or smell the fresh air on the face of the earth ever again. A government uses this discovery on the project “T” in order to empower their army. Thus, the WAR begins.

The government calls themselves the “Wolf”. The Wolf tells their citizens that this country is “ Democracy “, but all people know the truth. They can’t do anything, so they have to work for them. There is only one rule that is all people cannot disobey that is all the magical fluid will send to “Wolf”. Moreover, Wolf wants everything that’s popular, such as Big ben tower, Eifel tower, etc.  moreover, if any person disobeys Wolf, they will be terminated, so people are afraid to refuses, but to accept it. While the war is going on and it seems like Wolf is winning.

Here there are three brothers who refuse to bow to Wolf. They start a revolution in the country. The three brothers have successfully gotten Wolf’s attention. It is because these three brothers also discover how to longer the magic, and more powerful than Wolf. Later, three brothers have been called “Three Little Pigs”. TLP gathers all people who are willing to fight back and TLP also gives hope to people.

Finally, TLP wins the revolution and defeats the ambition of Wolf. However, three brothers have to pay a great price.


This is what i think for this game so far. Moreover, There will be 3 main characters and 3 same styles of soldiers.



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