TOng’s Progress #2 Character design

This is the first main character named Myst. He is the oldest brother in three brothers. Actually he gets only the Fox tattoo on his body, and he doesnt have any weapon. He uses only his speed and bare hand to rip everything apart. He got multi-personality and a little psycho.His normal personality is calm and reasonable. It is because he loves his brothers so much that he will lose his control to see them hurt and that is the trigger of another personality which he is really aggressive and violent.




This is the progress when i started to study how to draw FOX and design Myst and his tattoo from the real ones

132593247513099113961129773055tribal_wolf_tattoo_by_reighnmiyuki images (9) howling-wolf-tattoo-on-shoulder final_custom_fox_tattoo_by_halie_tee-d2v3eik Auddie_Fox_Tattoo_by_xemmi


images Nine_tailed_Fox_by_Vyrilien


Tong2 001 scan30003 scan30001 scan10007 scan10006 Scan0001


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