Gib’s progress#5: Matte painting for Art’s project and last scene for J’s project

I have already finished matte painting for Art’s senior project. At first, Art planned that I would draw two pictures ,but I drew the first picture quite big. Hence, he said that one picture is enough.

This is the final result.




For J’s project, J and I had discussed about the last scene that I would make for him. It is the establishing shot that Robata, the main character, enters to this weird world at the first time.

This is the outline that J draws for me.




J wants me to draw Robata for him in back side 45 degree.

I plan to separate group of layer into 6 groups which are foreground that robata stands, food land, underwater world made of stationary , random background that is behind the stationary world, the castle, and clouds.

This is set of references that J sends to me :


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