Jen’s Marsh! March! : Week 6

I’ve been trying to fix the rig and turns out that I have to fix many things in order to make the characters move properly.

So as I’ve talked to Aj. Millie last week, I decided to reduce the work for now by focusing on a short scene in my storyboard which will have only 3 characters to focus on.

I’ve fixed most part of those 3 characters so far but there are still some error on the arms and eyes that still need to fix.

Here’s the result so far.




Hopefully, the rig will be done as soon as possible and I will be able to animate them (which I wanna do it so bad already)


PS. This is just my extra work apart from this project which I enjoy doing it a lot (and also I use it to escape from all the stress from rigging) and I think it’s interesting and I want to share it with you.

I am helping Art out as a compositor

Here’s one shot from his thesis (he doesn’t allow me to spoil more :P)





I also experiences with special effect make up by helping Aj. Q in some real project along with Aoei during some weekend. It was a good experience and I really really enjoy it so I want to share it as something I’ve lern from here and have a chance to develop my skill during this term as I take independent study.

What I’ve learn so far is that I’m so weak at rigging and still confuse about many things in 3D process.

Also ‘tight schedule’ might not work for something I’m not fully understand about so I need to deal with it and accept that I need much more time on this kind of thing.

Moreover, as I have a chance to do lots of work outside of the class like helping out in thesis and some work about sfx make up, time management become more important than before, more than when I only have homework from classes.


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