teen’s progress #5

I rebuilt Elvio’s body because the old one is too soft. This time I used chopsticks and Chavant Castilene as an armature so now his body and legs are strong enough to handle the other parts.

IMG_0290 IMG_0293


However, because of smaller legs and feet compare to his body and head make it unable to stand so I needed to create a base to balance the weight.


At first, I wanted Elvio to be able to stand without a base, but I might have to make his feet and legs much bigger to make it possible. Therefore, I thought it’s better to make a base because if I make the legs or feet bigger, it will ruin his proportion and also his character.


(The hands was the most difficult part to make.)


Another problem I found while making Elvio is that the legs and arms are too close to each other so I cannot do the details on neither hands or legs. Therefore, I decided to separate them and do the details on each part first and connect them together when everything is finished and it helps to prevent any damages because when I didn’t separate them, I kept ruing the details on legs while doing the arms.




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