Gib’s progress#6: Painting last scene for J’s project

First, I am trying to reuse my old painting as much as possible. Therefore, I place each part fitting in layout that J has drawn.

It is the establishing shot that Robata, the main character, enters to this weird world at the first time.

I have painted everything separately which are foreground which is the land of ice-cream, food land, underwater world made of stationary , random background that is behind the stationary world which is still a violet silhouette, the castle, and clouds.


Then, J has just sent his castle in 3D to me so I tracing the outline in to violet silhouette. At this point, I feel that this painting is too messy so that I try to change the position of stuffs in each mountain.  Also, I try to make depth of field by adding some shadow and highlight more. Furthermore,I place Robota in the scene by retouching from 3D model which is J’reference sent to me. However, I would paint the new Robata that feel like painting rather than 3D model as J’requirement.


I plan to finish this work within next week and would start my own project.


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