Jane’s progress week 7-8

This assignment from Art took me much longer than I expected.

As I mentioned in last post, I had to animate his blocking shot 2.
There are 4 characters in the scene, 2 main characters and 2 supporting character.

The shot is 24-second long.

The main characters took me totally 13 hours to complete, 9 for Jimmy (the flower) and 4 for the Bob (the bee).

The other two took me about 7 hours, 1 for the ant, 6 for the kid.

Art wanted the kid to come in the scene playing with his plane toy instead of just walking in the scene. So that took a little more time to completely do the whole thing.

I had presented the work to Art and he said it was satisfactory. The work took a lot of time and energy but it was fun after all. I liked the outcome as well.

Here’s the shot before and after animating:

In this work, I was more careful about keeping the poses and the timing Art had set in his blocking because in the first task as he commented last time.

The problem I encountered in this scene was that when I wanted to playblast (previewing the shot without fully rendering) only a part of the shot, the sound didn’t synchronize at all. It’s the bug in maya and I had to playblast from the beginning every time. Luckily, only 1 character which was Jimmy talked in this shot. So when I finished animating Jimmy, I didn’t have to use the sound anymore.

In this task, I learn that the sound does help animation. It is a perfect guideline for action timing, facial expression, and, of course, lip-sync.

Another problem in animating this scene was that when I did lip-sync for Jimmy, his head kept moving and it was not easy to see if his mouth moved correctly. Therefore, I created additional camera called “faceTrack” and parented (or in the other word, sticked”) it with the face controller so that it followed the face of Jimmy all the time. Also, Bob was so far from the render camera and the center of the scene, it was hard to move the camera to and work with the character. This solution worked perfectly for doing Jimmy lip sync and animating Bob.

Here’s what it looks like to attach the camera to the character I was working with:


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