Jen’s Marsh! March! : Week 7 & Week 8

Finally I’ve decided to give up on 3D version of Marsh! March! for now since it takes much longer than I expect. Also I have hard time doing the rig and making it works due to limitation of 3D and also my ability to work with 3D elements.

What I found that it’s a problem is that the rig in the arms part cause a lot of problem because the arms are so short and thin and that the rig broke when I tried to force it to be in some positions like bending in and raise them up high.

What I can do with this if I’m going to do it in the future is that, I could rather re-rig the model, adding more joints in them so the can bend smoothly, or even add more mesh to the models.

Also I’ve learn that I am a person that will lose working energy so fast when everything seems to be out of planned. It is what I need to fix and also my attitude with 3D is not that good because I hate numbers and I couldn’t deal with technology well.

But I also realize that if I spend time with it a little bit more, try to keep my goal and keep working on it, maybe I could finish this 3D Marsh! March! project later by myself because I still want to see them move and play around and make my own short animation.


So from now on I decided to make it into 2D instead with the sound from 11 second club.

This way I can concentrate more on animating which is what I really want to develop.

But since I start 10 days later than others (The project due at the end of the month) so I might not be able to submit it to the club but I’ll still finish them anyways. As a practice for my own.

I’ve work on this script below and comes up with 2 storyboard (Proper scanned version will be postes later, sorry for that)

Voice One: “*gasp* Dude, this game was my favorite! Do you remember how challenging this was?”
Voice Two: “Yeah, but Charlie, don’t get lost in that, okay? Just…”
Voice One: “I got the first one, bro! Uh-oh. Oooh! Oooh.”

Here are the storyboards

Photo on 2013-06-19 at 11.56 Photo on 2013-06-19 at 11.57 #2

I’ve decided to go for the second one since the first one might not suits a very short animation.

So far for this project I’ve finished the Dope Sheet and start doing key frames which should be finished by the end of this week.


For compositing works, now I’ve done 2 more shots of Art’s Thesis.





Before (This shot is quite hard and takes long time to composite)




And as he’s on the rendering process, it gives me time to do my own projects also (Which is good).

Another new project that I’ve received is J’s project.

J let me design and create the cut out building in the theme of animals. I’ve created around 10 of them and here are some examples :

Flamingo Fox Whale WildPig


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