3D project #4 : Model

At last, I finally update my project on the blog after postpone it for many times. Despite my poor model skill that still needs to improve a lot, I realize that time managing skill is extremely terrible, I suppose to finish model a week ago but now I still modelling it. I look at the work that I had piled up, I think that I may not be able to finish it in time. So, I come up with a solution I think it might work in my laziness situation, I will update blog everyday from now on, even I doesn’t have anything new, I will find something like video tutorial that I think it might me helpful in the future. My new goal is to do as much as I can even though  it’ll not finish.

Ps. After sitting on a chair for a day and doing 3D in Maya, I miss 2D animation very much.  l0l

24 June 2013

This is lanterns I model, it look kind of simple but it took a time to get the proportion right because the shape is quite distort.





25 June 2013

Well, today I want to do something else beside modelling, so I put on some light and try to adjust it as same as original image (not exactly but doesn’t look so bad for now). Then, I start working on model the floor with doesn’t have much progression because the perspective is little bit confuse. Is it table top?




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