3D project #6 : Model leaf

Feel a little fail after promise to update blog everyday, I didn’t manage to do what I had said.

Previous post, I put on some tutorial that I said I will be using it in my project and here I am using it! After watch tutorial many time and find more tutorial. I found another tutorial, well not exactly tutorial it’s more like demonstrate about new feature in Maya 2014 (newest version). There have new paint effect feature like making surface collide with paint effect and so on. It’s complicated and advanced technique for dynamic, I admit that I didn’t do it from the beginning, I took a scene from tutorial and adapt it in my project. It’ll take me a week to make it from the start. Lol.

2013-07-03 11.13.08 am

Here is a scene that I adapted into my project, I fill the hole, change the shape and adjust some attribute. It took some time to render preview, my computer is almost dying (twitch every time I move my mouse). For the colour, it’s hard to do gradient colour in 3D, I think composite in After Effect or Photoshop is better solution, It takes less time and real time preview and ,of course, easier!!!! (very important reason. Lol.)


Look pretty close 🙂 I’m quite happy with it

2013-07-03 11.00.24 am

The expert challenge — Exploring Maya 2014 with Duncan

Video that I use as a guidance for making leaf in my project, very cool!


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