Jen’s Marsh! March! : Week 10

This week I’ve finished all keyframes of my Marsh! March! project already
Also in some part that the character speak quite fast, I’ve animated rough in between frames in already.

But the scanner didn’t work when I tried to scan them in, so I think I’ll update that later.

Also, since the due date of senior project is coming, I’ve done a lot of compositing in Art’s project.

So far I have finished about 21 shots out of 34. (yay)
All I have left is the scenes that are on rendering process.

Here’s some of the shots that I’ve composite



Jimmy20 Jimmy25




I didn’t present all of the shots I’ve made because I don’t want to spoil his story (hehe)

I did one video for his behind the scenes which I recorded my screen while i’m compositing and it took me about 40 minutes in total to finish that shot, and I speed it up and cut some ‘pause’ moment out so it won’t be too long to put in his behind the scenes.

But Art didn’t allow me to post in to public so I’ll show it to Aj. Millie only in the meeting.


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