3D project #7 : UV problem

A few day ago I did some modelling using paint effect in Maya, what I remain right now is modelling the ground and all of the texture (just leave boy and girl as they are, don’t touch yet). Modelling the ground has quite a problem because the perspective is wrong. So, I decide to do adding the texture that take less time. Unfortunately, I found a huge problem (again), the program/application (named ‘headusUV layout’) that I used to cut and unwrap model UV (so I can assign texture in Maya) is not working with Mountain Lion, even though, administrator was already informed and posted a solution but it still didn’t work for me.

2013-07-09 12.56.28 am

Luckily, I’m going to render only one frame (still image), so I used ‘Planner Mapping’ in Maya to get the UV without cutting and unwrapping the UV.

planner mapping

planner mapping2

In ‘project form’ I use ‘Z’ axis to capture the front of the tree.

planner mapping3

The test result isn’t look so bad.


It looks fine because I only render only one frame (front view), but if I do an animation that have different view it’ll not work. You can see the stretch texture (below picture) at the back of the model. If I want to have beautiful curve (but I don’t right now) I have to use application to cut UV and paint again.


Actually, the best solution is to download this application and use it in PC instead of MAC, it’s more stable and less problem because most 3D making program is working efficiency with Windows (why we buy MAC anyway?Lol) .


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