Aoei’s Progress #7 – Final Update

Since I finished the model I’ve started texturing and what’s left is only the hair. This is how the texturing progressed …

The face was the most difficult to texture because there are so many details to consider, details such as her freckles, eyebrows, eye line, blush, facial highlights, etc. 1EYES

I added the eyebrows and since the texture of the hair isn’t finished yet I just assigned a material to the hair so that I can see the colour and how it would go with the eyebrows as well as the colour of the whole face. I tried to add details onto the lips as well so that it doesn’t look to flat.


After the basic colours of each part is added I moved on to the details on the shorts…. Now that I see the texture at the back I feel like there should be pockets at the back as well.


++ stitching details with jean crease and patterns


Moving on to the texture and colour of the shirt!



The next part was the signature of this character, the robot pattern on her shirt. I create the robot pattern on another photoshop file and then dragged it in so that the quality of the pattern is crisp and accurate.



Moving on to the feet! The socks were a bit of a hassle… At first I tried to correct the part where the texture overlaps but then I think it looks better this way because now it feels like the fabric is sewn effortlessly. When everything is symmetrical it doesn’t look so nice…



Laces and converse logo added!!!!!

After the overall texture is done I tried setting up the light and rendering it out to see what it looks like. I needed this because I have to add bump maps to the texture so I have to know what I looks like with the full lighting :


After the trial render I started adding bump maps to each part…


Image converted using ifftoany


Image converted using ifftoany


Image converted using ifftoany

Face Close up 

Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany

Overall Look 

Image converted using ifftoanyImage converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany

This is how my uv texture looks like!


My only disappointment at the moment is the uncompleted texture for hair, I left it last because it has to be done in Mudbox so I decided to finish everything that has to be done in Maya first… Bad decision. Nevertheless, I will continue working on Amy during the break until it is fully textured, rigged and rendered as a full one pose image. I’ve really made a connection with this character and I really want to complete what I’ve set as a goal at the beginning of this course. 







Adjusting Goals…


At the beginning of the course I set out to complete a full model, textured rigged and rendered AND I expected to complete the 11-second club by the end of this term. Turns out its very difficult to do both at the same time with other things going on. Once everything goes off schedule, things became a bit chaotic and pressuring. I thought I would finish the model earlier but it turned out it took me much longer than expected, and its not only because of the complexity of the model but its also because of procrastination and my lack of skills.



Additional Projects during the term…


During the beginning of this term I’ve been going out to movie sets with Jen and P’Prae (animation alumni) to assist Aj.Q with special effects make up. I took the class with Aj.Q last term, I’ve been looking forward to take this class since I was in first year and I wasn’t disappointed because I found out that I love it! This is really first hand experience because we get to work in a real movie set with actors and many limitations such as time and accommodation.

(Final project work for SFX makeup class – Frankenstein (Jen’s the model)) 


The first movie we went as assistants was a Thai horror movie and we had to put special effects make up on a japanese actress (main character) as a rotting corpse. The second actor we had to apply make up on is a little boy, we had to make his skin look pale as if he’s dead. What I learned from going to this particular movie set is patience and how to be quick but accurate. We had to be patient when we put on the make up but we have to be quick as well, also when we wipe the make up off, we have to be VERY careful because its other people’s faces we’re dealing with, not our own. We had to be very gentle and patient. It is very different from what I learned in class because everything has to be perfect and if we mess up, it affects everyone so there is a lot of pressure while we were there. It was my first time working in a real movie set and it was very tense but it was one of the best experiences in my life.

(Left: ghost kid    –        Right: Rotting corpse)



The second time we went all the way to Khaoyai to do the SFX makeup for a Thai drama called “Dome Thong”. We had to put SFX make up on the actor so that she looks like a zombie. This was also great experience because it took us 3 hours to get to Khaoyai and 2 hours to do the make up and then 4 hours to get back to Salaya. This taught me that no matter how difficult or troublesome it is, a job is a job and you’re responsible for it.


Even though we were just assistants so we didn’t get to do all the main SFX but it was amazing to see how professionals work. I learned a lot just by observing how the staff work, how they communicate, how strict they are about so many things. Most of the time I had to get out of the way because people were always rushing, I figured its because time = money and if the production is slow, not only time is wasted but money as well.

If I have a chance to do something like this again I’d never hesitate to say yes because I feel that its very enjoyable and also intriguing to see a real production and be a part of it. Another important thing I learned because of this job is that you have to always be enthusiastic when you work and most importantly, be open to criticism and respect others just as you would want them to respect you.




What I learned…. 

The most important thing that I learned in this course is time management.

Time management is everything.

If you want to get something done, thats the first thing you must learn to do. Many many times in this term I found it difficult to manage my time for each task I have to complete because of overlapping projects and revision schedule. This class had warn me about what I lack and that is time management. Now that I’ve been reminded with a hard kick on the back, I won’t let it this happen again when I have to do my thesis. During the course of this I found out that I enjoy doing what I chose to do for this class. I like to pay attention to small details because it’s fun and I think it makes the character more alive as well. If I had more time I would add more details to Amy, for example, the pocket at the back of her shorts, the laces on her shoes (actually model it, not just put flat texture on it), and more details with her hair.

Sometimes I feel I’m too fussy so it takes me forever to complete something because I always have a feeling that its not enough… but at some point I have to stop otherwise nothing will be done. Furthermore, with the job opportunity I got from SFX make up class, I feel that I am very interested in this field of work and in the future (if I have a chance) I will definitely explore and develop my skills in this area.



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