Researched on mixed media

The artists that I have been looking for inspirations are Urs Fischer, Jose Lgnacio Romussi Murphy, and Son of Jumbo (Khachonyot Yaempradit).

Firstly, Urs Fischer, he is a Swiss contemporary artist who lives in New York. He had his first exhibition in Zurich in 1996 after 3 years when he moved to Amsterdam. His subversive approach to art is considered to be influenced by anti-art movements like Neo-Dada, Lost Art, or the Situationist International. He has his own publishing imprint, Kiito-San, whose books are distributed by DAP and Buchhandlung Walther Konig.

Secondly, Jose Ignacio Romussi Murphy, a Chilean-born artist, who adds a serious flair to vintage photos which he has collected with his colourful needlework. Embroidering art on pictures is nothing new, but Jose makes his artworks comes alive a second time. He mostly uses black and white photograph, dancers or fashion models as the subject matter.

Lastly, Son of Jumbo or Khachonyot Yaempradit, a young Thai contemporary artist who spends most of his life in Thailand, but had a chance to travel the world and had an experience working in Milan, Italy by his own talent. He was born in Uthai-Thani, but moved to Bangkok for studying, and described himself as a stranger. Additionally, he wrote a book name “Stranger in Bangkok,” which was just recently published in Thailand, expressing his own thoughts about how is it like to be a stranger in Bangkok through the book itself. His inspirations mostly comes from his travelling.

Links to their websites; Urs FischerJose Ignacio Romussi Murphy, and Son of Jumbo


One thought on “Researched on mixed media

  1. Good research. Here’s a few more:
    This is the link for tandem Films. In particular look at Daniel Greaves work,(Little things/Flatworld) and the various making of Plastimime and the documentary on making of Flatworld this will help with constructing your work.
    Also look at this Love is all by Oliver Harrison. this was made with stop motion. This is a mixture medium where filmed footage has been printed out frame by frame and drawing on , cut out and coloured….
    and 15th February by Tim Webb uses many different medium to tell a poetic tragedy of a valentines day missed.
    Great work you are exploring. Now let’s see some experiments and ideas of yours from these inspirations….

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