Pon’s Proposal

There are so many good and inspiring stories many people were told when they were children, but those are not the only kind. As a Thai person myself, I grew up with another kind, Thai folklores. Many of Thai folklore stories I grew up with contain some kind of creatures or ghost that were beyond my imagination when I was just a little boy and that still gave me bad dream.

However, now that I grow up believe that I have seen everything so far, I came across this interview – BKK 1st Time: Met Thai ghost for the first time (there was only a Thai version, sorry for the inconvenient)  – the interview is about a foreigner guy talking about Thai ghosts and there is one name mentioned in his interview – Krasue (กระสือ).



I suddenly became so stunned about his description about that ghost. Along with his comment, I thought to myself if the ghost is really how it is imagined. How in the world that such thing can exist?

Krasue is believed to be a curse ghost that it has to detach its head and some internal organs out of the body and floats around haunting people.

Its existence is odd and really seems to be out of explanation. So I thought what if it is not what people think it is. What if Krasue is a creature that has some concrete explanation based on something more logical and science.

Still, even though Krasue is just a imagined creature, its story is very widespread among Thai people. Many different sources say many different things about it. Krasue also makes an appearance in many of Thai cartoons,Thai films and soap operas.


Krasue in Thai comic

So in this study, I’d focus mostly on the analysis of the story of Krasue as well as design the re-imagination version of this ghost, taking it in the level of character design and character development to make it more realistic and reasonable.


2 thoughts on “Pon’s Proposal

  1. HI Pon
    This is a great start. Try to organize specific activities and goals you anticipate covering, with an estimated time frame so you can build a work plan. This may change over the course of the term but will allow you a structure to work with. I am out of the office this Friday. If you need to speak with me about anything I will be in the Office Monday afternoon. But you can ‘book’ to see me lunchtime Monday and Wednesday, or Fridays from 9-10. I need advanced warning especially fro Friday as I have to be in BKK by 12 so wont always be coming to FAA.

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