Lisa´s 1st Proposal


1 Proposal

„Let´s see if you can develop an own art-project in Thailand!“

Or so were the farewell-words from my professor before I left for Thailand and that will be my starting point for this independent Animation/Study Project (ISP).

I. Where am I coming from?

I´m an exchange student coming from a Fine Arts and Art Education Undergraduate Program in Regensburg staying at MUIC for two trimester, mainly in the Communication Design Program.
As part of grading and finishing the study in Germany, every student in this program need to show at the end oft the study two so called „walls“, where on one a broad spectrum of works in different techniques, materials etc. is shown and on the other the student shows his/her own individual art-project/-subject.
And that´s where this study starts…

II. What I am aiming for:

A Stop-Motion Diary

As the aim, of a finished development of an „own art-project“, during this project is not yet concrete enough and too broad. The idea – thanks to Aj. Millie – came up to keep the process and development of my work during this trimester in a Stop-Motion animated film.

So two goals I will aim for during the ISP:

a) Keep and visualize my progress to something… in a stop-motion-animated-film.
In the manner of an experimental, process-work with a kind of a given structure (that means starting materials, techniques) etc. … but with an OPEN end.

b) While still focus on subjects, techniques etc. I´m interested in, to keep on with developing an individual project for the final walls in Regensburg.

III. How do I try to get there:

To start the ISP I want to begin with the visualization of my previous thoughts, subjects, used techniques in stop-motion-technique I had for my “own project”. And at the same time do research on artists, inspiring objects, and put previous thought in order or develop them further. Just : Keep on working

Materials: Paper, Charcoal, Photo camera, found Objects/Materials, Acryl

a) General Work schedule:

Week 1+2 eventually 3:  Research (Artist, Galleries, Museums) Collecting Photos, Storyboard (?), prepare materials, do  research on stop-motion-techniques

Workdays:  Thursdays and Friday

b) Inspiration so far:

Artist:  In general Impressionism, Peter Doig, Lucian Freud, Maria Lassnig,Egon Schiele, Prasert Yodkaew , Tawan Wattuya,


2 thoughts on “Lisa´s 1st Proposal

  1. Hi Lisa
    This is a good start. As a means of collating previous thoughts and images you should consider making a series of photographs, scans etc into digital files .jpg’s. Have you used premiere pro before? Have you used photoshop to make animation before?if you would like to go over some of the possibilities of how to record work I can show you what the university has. Also you should research into animation films that use a variety of techniques to record and document. I can give you some links. I am in on Monday and Wednesday and free from 12. If you want to meet please book in advance. I can, if requested meet on Friday between 9 and 10.

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