Status Quo Lisa – A short overview

Drawing and painting

During the holidays I continued with drawing – inspired by the drawing class during last trimester I started with observational drawings of plants.

From plants as my drawing objects I moved to fruits and am now really interested in flesh, bone and any other sort of meaty object that can be found at the thai “freshfood markets”/ Talad nat.

In general I´m really interested in lines, shapes and forms that can be found in organic objects.

As I also try to process and work in my impressions, inspirations, thoughts etc. that I got here in Thailand. I started to play with the associations that can be motivated by special angles, the placement of the meat/flesh in my compositions.

a) Drawing class (last term)

IMG_8355 IMG_8356 IMG_8455

b) Holidays


IMG_8340 IMG_8348


c) Last week


2. Photos

I also started to take pictures as kind of travel-journal and to keep them as a source of inspirations and remembering.

IMG_8206 IMG_8231 IMG_8386 IMG_8401 IMG_8407 IMG_8383

3. Subjects I am interested in:

Colour and light (especially in Thailand), the play between shape and form. Associations as mentioned.

The cultural differences between German and Thai culture, in particular that I face being in between two cultures (as half thai, half german) -> Cultural relativism

Thai culture in general: pragmatic use of material, things. The contradictions in the society.  All the small, little, weird, funny, interesting or curious things that can be found everywhere in Thailand.

The talad nats as a personal allegory of Thai life and culture.

Visualisation of my thoughts inspired by the stay in Thailand.

4. List of ideas:

Work with found materials

Animating my process with stop motion

Perhaps include audio

Going further with the abstraction of things in the paintings

Continue working with flesh/the squid etc. combine it with different things (other drawings from the drawing class(?? the selection above/photos)– play more with associations… perhaps digital

5. Research

Inspiring videos:

A Thai artist I really like:

Also I have a list of literature concerning Artists journeys:

  • Bausinger, Hermann (Hg.): Reisekultur. Von der Pilgerfahrt zum modernen Tourismus, München 1991
  • Rees, Joachim: Künstler auf Reisen, Darmstadt 2010 (im Erscheinen)
  • Otterbeck, Christoph: Europa verlassen. Künstlerreisen am Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts, Köln, Weimar u. Wien 2007
  • Frank, Michael C.: Kulturelle Einflussangst. Inszenierungen der Grenze in der Reiseliteratur des 19. Jahrhunderts, Bielefeld 2006
  • Kat. Kunstwelten im Dialog. Von Gauguin zur globalen Gegenwart, hg. v. Marc Scheps, Museum Ludwig Köln 1999
  • „Mit dem Auge des Touristen“. Zur Geschichte des Reisebildes, Ausst. Kat. Tübingen, hg. v. Peter Märker, Monika Wagner u.a., Tübingen 1981
  • Paul Klee – die Reise nach Ägypten 1928/29[anlässlich der Ausstellung
    “Nach Ägypten! Die Reisen von Max Slevogt und Paul Klee”, Galerie Neue Meister, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, 30. April 2014 bis 3. August 2014 ; Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, K 20, 6. September 2014 bis 4. Januar 2015]

2 thoughts on “Status Quo Lisa – A short overview

  1. Thank you AJ. Millie for the links to the sketchbookvideos and the tutroials( But I still don´t have Photoshop – I try to get it).
    And do you know a library where I could perhaps find the literature?

  2. As much of the literature appears to be German in origin I can only suggest the Goethe Institute. Or you need to contact your professors in Germany. Libraries that may have some useful books are: TCDC in Emporium, TK Park in Central World or maybe Neilson Hayes Library on Surawongse Road, Silom.
    CAn we meet next week, week 6 already (mid term)

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