Analysis and Re-Design

Krasue – Analysis and Re-Design

From the last essay, I had talked about the origins of Krasue and this time I’ll analyse and talk about the possibility of how it really will be like in a scientific way and the anatomy correction. It may not be all the way through scientific facts because there is still no concrete proves about Krasue but this will give me some thoughts for the character re-imagination for the character design process.

As already mention many times, Krasue is a spirit that lives in a woman’s body. Throughout the story and the origin, Krasue is a ghost that has only head along side with the internal organs floating in the air searching for food. Back in the day, there was a film about Krasue called ‘Legend of Krasue (ตำนานกระสือ – th)’, that movie depicted the detachment of Krasue in a way that it pull everything out of the throat tube. When watching that at the time, it seems scary and convincing enough. However, when looking at it nowadays, it seems unrealistic and far beyond imagination.


     When looking at the picture of human organs, it’s very clear to see that the internal organs are very much larger than the point where it connects to the neck and the head, so it is impossible to put everything through the neck alone. In order to get everything out, I think the only reasonable way is to cut the chest open down to the lower abdomen. Moreover, the ribs must be pulled off so everything can get out perfectly.

So if there is really magic involved with the process of Krasue to detach its head and organs out of the body, then it becomes more reasonable if it has to be that way. In the point of view of character, it gives explanation and ability to character itself to have such ability to detach its head and organs from its body



    Another thing to address is the float of Krasue. I kind of think that it may not be possible for something to float without anything concrete to support the idea of flying. For instances, Dracula can fly and that makes sense because he can transform into a bat so at least there is explanation to that ability of his. Krahang also can fly only by using the rice-winnowing baskets as wings to flap his way into the air, the most concrete explanation to that is that Krahang is so thin and its weight is so light, and that’s what makes it able to let itself go with the direction of the wind using the rice-winnowing baskets to control its flying path.

Krasue, on the other hand, has only head and organs, so how exactly does it fly? After going over some anatomy research I come up with something. What if Krasue doesn’t really fly? What if it uses something to lift itself up and that makes it seem like as if it’s flying? I have the random idea that if it can pull its organs out of the body then pulling out its veins too might probably be easier even. So the reason why Krasue seems to by flying around may have some concrete explanation behind that, it uses it veins to walk around.


    As see in the picture above, human body has veins system covered all over the body in order to transport blood and oxygen to million cells everywhere in the body. So I think that maybe Krasue is using the vein from the Subclavian vein down to Median Antebranchial vein as its walking tool. The length of the vein makes it possible for people to think that Krasue is actually flying around.

So here’s my rough sketch of the re-design character of Krasue


Next week, I’ll go through the character design and development on Krasue krub


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