Process step II -Lisa

Pro 2

Animating my Sketchbook

Last week – as I still couldn´t get Photoshop – I kept on working on my sketches, some paintings and tried again a stop-motion-series. (Which is not composed to a video yet – I will update the process-report within this week with the videos)

Now finally I will get Photoshop on Monday. Starting shot for the animation!!

Interesting/Inspiring Videos – from the Sketchbook project –

Stop-motion idea:

The time lapse Idea:


Learn to animate with Photoshop – by tutorials and try and error method

Start animating my sketchbook and the photos from the stop-motion-series

Photo or scan my sketches etc. neatly

Collect material (Music, sounds I want to use in the animation)- CONCEPT


One thought on “Process step II -Lisa

  1. As an alternative if Photoshop keeps being an issue you can do rough animation in the stop motion style like you have sourced using i-movie on mac or similar program movie maker on PC I look forward to seeing you on wednesday

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