Character Design


My character is called Paii. Paii is 24 years old and bored of her normal everyday life. After having enough of her boring life, Paii decides to take a backpack trip on her own to a countryside of Thailand to explore things she has never seen.

Arrives at one small town, she starts exploring and taking in new experiences and the beauty of the countryside. While getting a bit tired, Paii is asked to take a rest by an old kind lady.

The old lady turns out to be Krasue who is looking for someone to pass on her cursed life. being so tired, Paii is tricked to drink water that is mixed with a drop of saliva of Krasue. As a girl who knows nothing about urban legends, Paii has no idea what she got herself into.


Being Krasue may be bad for everyone else. However, Paii, who has never experienced such a thing, seems to be excited and believes that she is meant to be. Paii thinks to  herself that she will use this odd opportunity to explore the other side of the world she never got a chance to know




2 thoughts on “Character Design

  1. This is a good start. Now you need to pull all the ideas and progression together and write up an analyze and critique the final plan. As yourself how is you design different and pushing the concepts?

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