Part IV – Lisa`s Sketchbook

I kept on working animating my recent sketches, as a continuation of the first clip. A main problem is, that the majority of the works is not meant or produced to fit into an animation and I didn´t had the time to properly scan or photograph them yet. So the general animation is still really messy and rough. I think also my Photoshop skills contribute to this fact… But as it is the animation of a sketchbook – that are in their usual form often (always) really sketchy, not clean and sometimes messy – this in my opinion adds more to the character of the animation than distracts. As in the first try I started with animating the graphics I did as series, so it was easier to combine them in a stop-motion animation. The last part of this clip is an experiment – how it would be to draw something for a stop-motion animation. So during drawing the “branch-bananas” I took regularly photos to keeping the process. My next plan is to combine color from painted pieces (octopus etc.) into the animation. I also think about actually filming my Sketchbook as in some of the videos (youtube videos – from lasts posts) from the “Moleskine Sketchbook project”…


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