It’s been 12 weeks since I’ve been working on this ‘Krasue: Character Recreation’. I found that working on this project is very fun developing on the character that already existed. Working on this character is also quite challenging since I had to make it more realistic in a way of character design. My goal was to explore its origin and try to develop it and push it in the level of character design.

Here’s a link to my first proposal

Pon’s Propsal

     After setting some goals and paths that I would like to go from here, I found that there were more to this special character that I had to know. I more I know about it, the better it would be. Since it’s ghost as believed in so many places throughout South East Asia, the way to explore wasn’t so hard.

Here’s a link to my essay on the origin of Krasue


When I had done exploring its origin to get to know it better, it was the time to analyse and find the way to develop and make it suitable for a character that would be animated later on. In the third chapter of my project, I had researched on some interesting scientific facts and anatomy facts because I thought that everything had to be real and believable enough as a character for audiences to see and notice. I also did a sketched for my character in this chapter.

Here’s a link to my analysis


     Now that I had finished the research and the analysis chapter, it was the time I began working on my character. My character is called Paii, a girl who is unknowingly and unwillingly turned into Krasue. It was very challenging for me since I had to make Paii more special than the original Krasue. I gave her something for audiences to believe and looked at Krasue in the other way. Creating a supernatural character and then giving it a scientific fact was somehow felt a bit off but I had a very fun time doing so.

Here’s a link to my character re-imagination


When everything was all done, it was a time for me to do some animation test and I chose a walk cycle as my animation test. However, when everything was set and ready to go, I gave thought to myself that I might not be able to get it done in time if I was attempting to do the traditional animation. After thinking about it for days, I decided to do more research on animation and I found another way to do it. I must say first that I hadn’t tried it before and the idea of giving it some experiment was so tempting. Let’s see the result.

Here’s a link to my walk cycle


     In conclusion, working on this project wasn’t really anything new to me but it gave me a chance to work on something I longed wanted to try, developing the existed character. At first though, I hadn’t thought about it much of what character I’d be choosing for my project but when I came across the article about Krasue, it came in like a wrecking ball. For that second, I thought that this is it; this is the character I’d like to work on.

Throughout the really short period of time, I found that there were lots of challenging and limitations on the topics I was working on. However, that wasn’t really a problem, it gave me something new to look and be careful for.

I must admit that there were many things I had overlooked and pushed them behind, for instance, the detaching process. For that matter, I then focused only on the Krasue form of my character.

I really enjoyed re-imagining my character. Even though there might be some flaws and lack of logics there but it resulted fine in my opinion. If I have time left or another chance to develop my project, I’m sure I can make it so much better next time.


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