This is a blog of blogs by FAA animation students for their ICAM 381 Independent Animation Study.

ICAM 381 Independent Projects

This is an individual student instigated project and the topics can be very broad or specific according to each individual.

Joint or group work needs to be agreed before proposals are submitted to clarify separate roles on an equal basis.

Projects can take the form of an Academic Research or a Practical Production or a combination.

• Assessment takes the form of a pitch, tutorials with advisor and blog with a final presentation  and statement online

• Assessment is in the form of practical activities related to the chosen media and blog and final statement which are completed independently by each candidate.

• The practical activities are based on the assignment set by the student which represents a commercial client brief.

• Candidates must plan, produce and evaluate their own solution to the assignment, justifying choices and decisions made in the weekly upload written blog.

• Each evaluation factor has a set of assessment objectives which are designed to meet specific learning outcomes. Candidates must demonstrate skills for all assessed objectives.

• Evidence must be available in a final statement component to show where and how the individual has achieved objectives.

Evaluation Factors UnsatisfactoryFails to meet basic requirements Below AverageMeets most basic requirements – but needs development Average Meets all requirements Good – Consistently  Meets requirements  – frequently exceeds Exceptional – Consistently exceeds requirements.
Creative ideas identified and explored thoroughly
Context and intent are identified and conveyed clearly
Appropriate research and development related to genre/medium/techniques  and target audience are identified and explored
Appropriate balance of quality and quantity of work presented for the pre-production processes related to the specific genre/media chosen
Personal technical skills identified for project in order to achieve goals
Appropriate resources are identified and allocated/ assigned (equipment/budget/personnel/materials/location/technical skills)
Development of an appropriate production plan and schedule identifying time/personnel/resources to achieve goals for Independent Project
A written statement that discusses and reflects on working progress and practice and assesses the initial proposal and actual outcomes











Suggested areas of study:

Academic / Production/ Combined:

  • Research and critically analyse a specific director/studio/film/technique
  • Research and develop script/storyboard/screenplay for a short or feature
  • Research and develop artwork for a pitch for a competition/final project/film
  • Research and develop skills in a specific programme/animation technique
  • Research and develop skills in specific post production/ editing/ special effects/ sound techniques
  • Research and develop concept art for film/or animation
  • Research and develop character design(s) for an existing idea/film
  • Expand your portefolio in a particular area you wish to study
  • Create an advert/ an opening title sequence/ a short animation
  • Create a game design

(this is not fixed or exhaustive but should guide how you think about what you might study)

ALL PROJECTS require you to research for other artists/ written academic references/ films to support your ideas.

You will need to create a proposal suggesting:

  • the area you wish to study;
  • the approach (academic or practical) you wish to take
  • the breakdown in stages of what you aim to do (remember  you have 11 weeks)
  • the final product/ outcome (extended essay/15 sec animation/7 pieces of concept art/ character bible/ script etc)

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